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Meet Our Practitioners

Paula Robinson
Owner of MIP 
Organic Intuitive Reader

Paula is an organic and natural Intuitive. She has been assisting people around the world for the last 17 years as an Intuitive Reader and Intuitive Life Coach.

By connecting with your Guides and Angels Paula is able to provide you with information and guidance. This connection enables you to release and resolve thought blocks or old belief patterns from this life as well as previous lives.

Your reading is individualized and personal. Paula uses her gifts to assist you on your journey of connection to your highest self and to manifest your highest vibrational life.

Alethea G.png
Alethea Gaukel
Owner of Rowan Tree Holistic Arts
Reiki Master, Sound Bowl Healing, Massage Therapist

Alethea is the owner and and creator at Rowan Tree Holistic Arts. 

She creates intention candles and jewelry with channeled unique messages and affirmations. Alethea is a Practicing Reiki Master and a Certified Sound Bowl Healing Practitioner and a Massage Therapist. 

She is passionate about integrating affirmations with Reiki and Sound to create unique and custom healing sessions that is geared for aligning, and relaxing the body, mind and spirit. In these sessions she uses meditation, breath work, reiki, sound and affirmations to move energy and start the body and spirits natural healing processes.

Krystal Irick 1.jpg
Krystal Irick
Owner of Solefully Enlightened
Reiki Master
Foot Zone Therapist

Krystal is an empathic intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher and foot zone therapist. Krystal always had the gift of seeing into the spiritual realm of life since she was young. Krystal started her healing journey several years ago when she no longer wanted the traumas of life to affect her four beautiful kids, along with herself. Krystal uses her gifts to help bring people to awareness of the deepest blocks that their soul is ready to heal. Krystal moves the stuck stagnant energy through the body while supporting her clients along their healing journey with the help of divine love and light. 

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Rachael Crawford
Owner of Moon & Mage
Intuitive Tarot and Moon Magick Practitioner

Rachael is an intuitive tarot reader and moon magick practitioner. She uses the inuitive power of the tarot and moon cycle magick to help you find the clarity, insight, and guidance you need with the issues you are struggling with in your life. 

She will help you find the answers you need with intuitive guidance and by using the power of moon cycles to create a plan for you to make powerful transformations in your life such as calling in love and abundance. 

She provides in person and online readings for your convenience.

Paula and Cathy_edited.jpg
Cathy Baker
Intuitive Healer Rapid Eye, Heart
Centered, Sacral Cranial,
and Zero Balancing

Cathy’s path has taken her on a journey of

healing from her own trauma. In that journey she has taken many classes; such as Four Directions, (teachings of the Peruvian Indigenous people), Rapid Eye, PsychK, Heart Centered Therapy, Hypnosis, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, and more. Using all she has learned and her intuition, Cathy has been able to assist others with their own healing path.

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