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Florida water is perfect for cleansing negative and stagnant energy from your home, yourself, another, or an object.


Each bach is created with intention and blessings. 

Florida Water

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  • Spiritual bath cleanse: Protective cologne. Spray in your environment to repel negative energy and attract positive energy.

    For the home: Add to cleaning product to clear energy in your home. Spray bed sheets to remove negative energy and attract protection.

    Colds and ailments: As a rubdown for the sick, Florida Water has a beneficial, stimulating effect like alcohol rubs but much more pleasant due to its aromatherapeutic qualities. Place a few drops on your forehead to reduce anxiety.

    Dreaming: Spray on your pillow for inspirational and healing dreams.

    Body usages: Spray on feet or to add to foot bath. Spray on hands and rub scalp after shampooing to clear head of heavy thoughts.

    Face spritz: Keep in spray bottle in refrigerator for a rejuvenating face spritz during hot days of summer.

    Pendulum rinse: Use to rinse pendulums after readings to clear and prepare them for subsequent readings.

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